A Picnic Everyday

*Please note: a week after writing this blog we realized floor sitting was not working for our 3 year old. I guess bloggers are people too, and have bad ideas sometimes! :)

Do you remember that time you moved into your first apartment and ate take out on the ground, because you had no furniture? Over the months and years you looked back at that evening fondly. You attributed the positive memory to the excitement you'd felt about moving. Have you ever considered though, that perhaps part of why you felt good was because you just enjoyed having a picnic inside, on the ground?

Sukhasana is the term for sitting cross legged. Sukhasana is how my family eats our meals these days. In other words: we sold our (only) table and chairs, and we eat on little rugs with our food in front of us, in bowls, on the floor.

There is nothing wrong with a well made table. If you are a carpenter, keep up the good work, my friend. When I decluttered I never planned on getting rid of a house staple like a table and chairs. But now that I have, it feels nice. There is something mindful about sitting on the floor to eat food. For me, it is calming, grounding, and it feels easy. Here's why:

1. When the ground is both your chair and your table, you always have a place to sit and eat. This means that even if your 12 closest friends come for dinner, you are never short a spot. You make as big a circle as the room can hold, and you all sit and enjoy the hot food and warm company.

2. It's easier to touch your loved ones when you share meals together on the ground. Your husbands knee is a mere inches away. His gaze feels even closer because there is (literally) nothing between you. And children have a way of settling their plump bums down on your lap between the cross of your legs-  it feels comfortable and fluid, and they seem happy.

3. It's good for your body. Sitting in Sukhasana is a calming position, so when taking in food in this position your body easily focuses on digesting. It's also good for your joints to use them, and you use them a lot to get up and down off the floor multiple times per day.

4. Clean up is simple. When we ate at a table, the clean up after meals often involved wiping down the table, wiping the chairs (two small children like to regularly put peanut butter fingers all over chair backs!), and sweeping the floor, sometimes mopping. These days clean up means wiping up any food bits with a wet rag and vinegar spray bottle, then stacking our small rugs in the corner. I'll get back to you on how often we end up washing the rugs, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

5. Going without a big table means that our space is opened up and can be used in a multi purpose way. This is perhaps my favorite thing of all :)

Have you ever done something similar? I'd love to hear from you.