By Sarah:

For years I have been reading the experts (like the Minimalists and Simplicity Parenting), giving things away, and downsizing. And yet I still felt like I was on a treadmill, never able to get ahead of all the stuff.

I always had a sense that if I had someone to help me it would be easier. But I felt embarrassed by my clutter and ashamed of my inability to be organized.

The end result of our work together is certainly more daily peace with less things: easier clean-up, even when my daughter decides to do a project with bits of paper strewn about the room; never having a giant pile of dishes to do because we've pared down all the extras; starting the day with a made bed and ending the day with the mental clearness that comes from a cleared bedroom space.

What was surprising to me though was the healing nature of our work together. The process itself was so nurturing and met needs for acceptance, care, and support. I did not have to do this alone because you were by my side. Releasing so much of my clutter was exhausting emotional and physical work, and you were my side-by-side companion--lifting bags and boxes, listening to my fears, sharing your own story, bearing witness to my life in stuff, helping me clear the way for more creativity and freedom.